From our manufacturing base in Co. Tyrone, Homes By Western manufactures all aspects of the timber frame kit.

Experience the rising trend of timber frame construction, favoured by homeowners across the UK & Ireland for its efficiency and versatility. Whether you are building your dream home or interested in our property developments, trust in Homes By Western to deliver quality and reliability every step of the way.

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- Sustainable Solutions

Timber frame construction stands as a popular and eco-friendly method for building homes. Utilising wooden structural elements, this construction technique offers a sustainable alternative to traditional methods, providing durability, energy efficiency, and design flexibility. Discover more about the different types of timber frame systems that we offer below.


Open Panel Walls

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Closed Panel Walls

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Speed of Construction

Timber frames offer a unique advantage: swift erection and weather-proofing, even in adverse conditions, unlike traditional brick and block buildings. This results in rapid home construction, ensuring timely project completion.

Thermally Efficient

Wood acts as a natural insulator, boosting thermal efficiency in timber frame homes beyond UK & Ireland building standards. This results in lower heating bills for homeowners, rendering timber frame properties an energy-efficient option.


Timber frame homes stand out as environmentally friendly due to their use of a renewable resource, carbon sequestration, energy efficiency, and sustainable manufacturing practices, making them a sustainable choice in construction.


Timber frame structures boast enduring durability and resilience, thanks to the inherent strength of wood. Treated to resist decay and pests, timber frames require minimal maintenance, providing long-lasting peace of mind for homeowners.

Our commitment to a single-source supply chain for timber frame construction results in several key benefits. It minimises the complexities associated with managing multiple vendors, ensuring consistency in material quality and delivery timelines.

Single source supply chain

Project Timelines

Eliminating delays associated with coordinating multiple suppliers allows for faster project timelines. The efficiency gained from a single-source supply chain accelerates construction schedules, reducing time-to-market for homes.


Having a single source for materials ensures greater control over quality standards. This minimises the risk of variations in material quality, contributing to a more consistent and reliable end product.

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