We offer closed wall panels in our timber frame kits, providing clients with prefabricated panels featuring integrated insulation and sheathing for efficient construction.

In timber frame construction for homes, closed panel walls are an alternative to open panel walls. Closed panel systems involve the prefabrication of entire wall panels in our controlled factory environment, including the installation of insulation and other components. These panels, complete with sheathing, insulation, and sometimes windows, are then transported to the construction site and assembled into the frame.

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- enhanced performance

Closed panel walls offer advantages such as increased speed of construction, higher precision due to factory manufacturing, and improved energy efficiency. They are particularly popular for residential buildings where rapid assembly and enhanced thermal performance are desirable. The closed panel approach streamlines the construction process, contributing to overall efficiency and quality in timber frame home construction.

External Wall

      1. External Skin ( Block & Render or BricK) – Dependant on clients preference
      2. Stud positions marked on exterior membrane
      3. External wall Breather Membrane
      4. External wall 11mm OSB Sheathing Board
      5. Studs treated C16, all cut ends Treated (140mmx38mm)
      6. Sole Plates Treated Timber C16 with DPC fitted
      7. Mineral wool insulation to achieve required U Value
      8. Vapour Control Layer airtight membrane
      9. Continuous PIR foil faced insulation if required to achieve required U Value
      10. 47mm x 47mm service cavity Battens
      11. Electric conduits & boxes – Site Fitted by others
      12. Plasterboard – Site Fitted by others

Internal Wall

      1. 89mm or 140mm studs imported CLS C16 treated timber (Available at 400 or 600 c/c)
      2. 11mm OSB sheeting on racking walls only
      3. Factory fitted intermediate noggins, timber lintels, base and head rails
      4. Factory fitted C16 DPC beneath sole plate
      5. Electric conduits & boxes- Site Fitted by others
      6. Insulation- Site Fitted by others
      7. Plasterboard- Site Fitted by others


      1. 11mm OSB Sheating Board to cavity side of both leaves
      2. Cavity adequately sealed against fire with Rockwool wired matt used as vertical & horizontal barriers and fire stops. Cavity can be fully insulated if required to achieve zero U Value
      3. Air tight membrane factory fitted
      4. Min 40mm cavity between the 2 leaves of the separating wall
      5. Timber 89mm studs untreated C16, All cut ends Treated
      6. Sole Plates Treated Timber C16 with DPC fitted
      7. Insulation – Party walls fully insulated with mineral wool to meet fire & acoustic regulations
      8. Factory fitted plaster board to meet fire & acoustic regulation
      9. Factory fitted plaster board to meet fire & acoustic regulations


      1. Rigid foil faced PIR insulation on external rim beam of floor cassette
      2. Continuous vapour permeable air barrier membrane wrapped around floor cassette taped to wall
      3. Floor Joists Factory fitted; 3 options of joists available – Timber / Posi / I-Joists
      4. Decking board factory supplied & fitted
      5. Plasterboard grounds


      1. Roof Finishes: Install slating or tiling roof cladding – Site Fitted by others
      2. Roll out Eaves ventilation system
      3. Tiling battens
      4. Breather Membrane
      5. Backing board for fixing facia, supplied & fitted
      6. Horizontal cavity barrier and pvc DPC
      7. Prefabricated Roof Trusses, supplied & fitted
      8. 35mm x 60mm service cavity Battens to support all board edges
      9. Airtight membrane

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