Next generation Modular Build Around houses - a sustainable evolution of traditional timber frame construction.

Our homes offer unparalleled thermal efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety, providing the ultimate peace of mind for homeowners. Built with pre-finished timber framed module systems, each unit is meticulously crafted in our quality-controlled environment, ensuring consistency and precision.

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By utilising advanced manufacturing techniques and quality control measures, each component is crafted to exact specifications, guaranteeing consistency and reliability. This streamlined process minimises waste and maximises efficiency, ultimately delivering high quality structures with precision and speed. The greatest customer benefit with this type of construction is a guaranteed fixed price and completion date, adding extra comfort that your mortgage or bank loan will not stretch beyond your set budget.


Our modular construction units comprise of pre-finished timber framed module systems, which – when linked together – create finished buildings. These fabricated systems include mechanical and electrical services as well as internal and external finishes, all manufactured in our quality controlled environment. This specialist process consists of multiple modules or sections which are manufactured at our facility and then delivered to their intended site of use. Explore our range of floor plans for modular build around homes.

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Cost Effective

Modular construction often proves to be more cost-effective than traditional building methods, offering savings in labour, materials, and overall project management. Our in-house manufacturing facility also reduces material waste and optimises the use of resources, leading to cost savings.

Time Saving

Our modular components fit together seamlessly, allowing for a quicker and more efficient assembly on-site. This sequential and accuracy-based process reduces the time required for on-site construction tasks.


Onsite Completion

Once the modular components are manufactured, they are transported to the site for assembly. This process is more efficient than transporting various construction materials separately, contributing to time savings and a smoother construction process.


The streamlined nature of modular build around homes, coupled with the single source supply chain, contributes to a smooth handover, allowing homeowners to enjoy their personalised and efficiently built living spaces without any unnecessary delays.

Our comprehensive supply chain streamlines the entire process, from design to construction, ensuring precision and consistency in every modular component. This approach simplifies logistics, providing homeowners with a cohesive and tailored solution for building a new home.

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With control over our entire supply chain, the interiors of our modular build around homes bear the hallmark of precision and luxury. Every fixture, fitting, and finish is chosen for its quality, aesthetics, and durability, ensuring interiors that are as functional as they are visually pleasing.


Our single-source supply chain allows us unparalleled design flexibility. We can seamlessly adapt and customise modules to cater to evolving client specifications, ensuring that the finished structure aligns perfectly with the envisioned design, both aesthetically and functionally.


Each window and door in our modular homes is a statement of quality. Sourced through our in-house supply chain, they offer optimal thermal performance, security, and aesthetics, creating an environment that’s comfortable, safe, and beautiful.


Our in-house supply chain allows us to infuse each modular build around home with bespoke elements that mirror our client’s vision. Whether it’s a specific finish or a custom fixture, we can bring these tailored elements to life with unmatched accuracy.

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