Western Build

Recently delivered 60 Bed modular constructed project for University Hospital Limerick. youtu.be/9GxDxR_0xeY pic.twitter.com/ErHHN9eiwq

At Western we have been delivering a wide range of construction projects across Ireland and the UK for over 30 years

Our Expert Teams specialise in:
➡️Offsite Construction
➡️Panelised Construction
➡️Design & Build
➡️Single Source Supply Chain policy pic.twitter.com/9a4wsb7Nvl

We deliver high quality building solutions to the Healthcare sector across the UK & Ireland and aim to deliver the best value project possible

We have been involved in projects within a number of health areas, such as surgical, acute heart, lung, and blood transfusion facilities pic.twitter.com/gK8P7yEMMf

We are committed to achieving environmental excellence throughout our entire business.

We do this by:
➡️Minimising waste by evaluating our operations.
➡️Actively promote recycling.
➡️Sourcing the most environmentally-friendly products.
➡️Exceeding all environmental legislation. pic.twitter.com/qW39sTQMWb