Project Overview

Beaumont Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Ireland, opening it’s doors to the public in 1987. Situated 5 kilometres north of Dublin City centre, the hospital employs nearly 3,000 staff and has 820 beds. The hospital enjoys close links with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and Dublin City University for which it acts as a teaching hospital.
Western were tasked with the construction of a two storey building to provide Acute Psychiatric Inpatient care as well as a Psychiatry of Old Age Inpatient facility on ground level. Additional ‘shell-only’ accommodation was provided at first floor level

Construction process

Following a tender process Western Building Systems were awarded the contract to construct these works. The accommodation is organised around a series of four courtyards, three transverse and one longitudinal. The Acute Psychiatric Unit is based around the 3 transverse courtyards while the Psychiatry of Old Age Unit takes up one side of the longitudinal courtyard. Shared therapy, consulting and administrative spaces are arranged around the other three sides of this courtyard. Service users will have controlled access to the internal courtyards.

The construction of the build commenced with installation of new car park facilities as new build was located on existing car park. The build process was over a 14 month period, with Western Build responsible for all works to final handover.


Responsible for diverting existing under-ground services and Health and Safety coordination of all trades on site. The building was constructed as an extension to a live hospital environment, where the company maintained a live fire tender and bus route during the works. The building was complete within program.